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CombatReplay addon

I am proud to announce my new addon CombatReplay.
Look at the video preview!

Do you like new idea? It's an early alpha. So there are no options, just check what it is and share your feedback and ideas here!

I would like to thank everyone who have made a donation. I'll continue to support PhoenixStyle and RaidAchievent addons.

Support development:

If you like my work - you can still help me:
- donate... :) and as I said before, I'll spend more time on creating new addons, making them better, as you see its true :) Just a little help will help me to find time and create awesome projects:)
- book your hotel from my website (no extra commision for you, best prices from company)



  1. You can replay combat when you want and see many useful information about it.

/cr or /replay - open it.

List of things I am going to add:

How does addon work:

1. During combat: addon just records log: very simple, VERY light and very friendly with CPU (not during some tests, it's alpha!), but you see a big number of RAM memory, nowadays its just a number, I can reduce it well with increasing CPU usage, need more tests.
2. Before replay, out of combat: when you want to see a combat it elaborates all data (maybe on login will do it too) and re-calculates all events, in this moment addon uses your CPU too much (when you don't need it).
3. During replay: almost all calculations are done and it just shows you a replay in 2D (new features that I am adding are not yet optimised and requires additional calculation).
P.S.: for the moment it saves only 3 combats, tracks events every 0.5 sec and updates them 24 times in a second during replay, be patient and don't worry about memory usage, I am testing it with high performance to know how much should I reduce.

New versions, change log in Facebook:

Do you want to read changelog in facebook once new version is avalaible? Click like (no spam):

Planning, feedback etc:

List of all things that I am planning to add you can find HERE. Also post your suggestions there or using facebook comments on this page.

CombatReplay addon

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